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About the Science of Friendship

In 2012, media and branding expert Sean X and social scientist Christine Brooks struck up a conversation about the increasing focus in social media and the press about the critical roles friendships and friend networks play in our everyday lives. From social support, to decision-making, to trend setting, and friendships at work, a focus on friendship brought Sean X and Christine together as collaborative partners. Together they survey cutting-edge research on friendship, track the growing coverage of friendship across multiple media platforms, and consult with groups, organizations, and corporations on the massive impact friends and friendship have in today’s globally-connected world.

The questions at the heart of the project include: What are the social implications in a world where friends are made virtually without ever having met in-person? How do the bonds between people change? And what are the implications for our society? With work and life completely integrated, who do we now call friends? How does friendship impact our success in life?

The Science of Friendship project seeks to answer these questions and more. Using the latest research and data, integrating the available literature on the topic, and conducting original primary research, The Science of Friendship project will illuminate how we are engaging with each other in-person and online, in professional and personal contexts, in the relationship we call friendship.

Welcome to The Science of Friendship project.

Learn more about Consulting Services via The Science of Friendship Project

Learn more about Marketing Services via The Science of Friendship Project

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