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Key Learnings from The Science of Friendship

Click Image above to Download the “Key Learnings from The Science of Friendship: We are Wired for Friendship”

This post & downloadable paper summarizes the Key Learnings from the Foundation Paper “The Science of Friendship: The Fundamental Concepts of Friendship.”

As we progress towards a more fluid transient culture, what are the effects on one of the most stabilizing forces for society, friendship, and how can technology adapt to meet that need?

Fundamental Concepts of Friendship

  • Friendship is not a static concept, but an ever-changing, crucial part of human experience across time and culture. It is a reciprocal form of connection and interaction.
  • Optimal friend relationships have four important elements:
    • High levels of hope for one’s self and the relationship itself
    • High levels of trust of others
    • High levels of self-disclosure
    • High levels of satisfaction in the relationship
  • Alliances in Friendship are freely chosen and… Read more

We Are Wired for Friendship

All evidence suggests that we are Wired for Friendship. From evolutionary biology, to neurosciences and social networks, our existence in part is defined by how we relate to others. It has been shown to affect how physically healthy we are as individuals, and it shapes our psychological outlook on the world and how satisfied we are with our lives. Is the glass half-full, half-empty, or do we even have a glass? Friendship helps decide that for us.

So when our society is changing in a way that affects Friendship, what are the implications? Our increasingly mobile (as in moving somewhere else) and live-alone society has caused difficulty in maintaining the types of deep, long-lasting Friendships that act as stabilizing forces in our lives. It is no wonder that some view that we are devolving socially.

One could argue that online social networks were a natural evolutionary need for connection in a country that is increasingly on-the-go; that our desire to explore and individuate is mitigated by our need for connection. So Facebook, Tagged, MeetMe, and all their brethren are filling a vital need for… Read more