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The Science of Friendship  & Professional and Personal Success

What do we think of when we hear the word friendship? It’s the greeting-card-in-the-drugstore image: kids on a playground, girls giggling/boys giving high-fives, retirees playing cards. But friendship is also serious business. Research has demonstrated that people with 3 or more close confidants are healthier, live longer, and these relationships promote greater success and life-satisfaction.

How do we harness the powerful force of friendship–often overlooked or even discouraged–in the workplace?  Using the principles of the Science of Friendship, Christine Brooks, PhD will teach you the process of befriending: finding common cause, creating solidarity, and using the power of interconnection to support your success in your work life—whatever your profession may be. The added bonus: all of these skills are also crucial to success in our personal lives. So as you grow in your work, there are added benefits that may show up in your personal development as well.

Christine offers individual and group coaching and professional development trainings. Based in the Bay Area she is happy to work with you in-person or virtually.

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