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The Science of Friendship & Marketing/Branding/Social Media

The concept of friendship has changed; with social and mobile, geography as a barrier to friendship has been mitigated by the ease of connection through these digital mediums. What are the social implications in a world where friends are made virtually without ever having met in-person? How do the bonds between people change? And what are the implications for our society? Are we spiraling down into a huge dark anonymous abyss where the bonds of friendship are transient, or is this the beginning of a new shared and open culture that will fundamentally change the way we look at friendship?

The implications touch all aspects of social culture and business. How will this new friend dynamic change how we socialize, shop, and engage with consumer brands? And what does this mean to all forms of marketing and connecting with each other in the future?

Sean X of the Science of Friendship project seeks to answer these questions and more. The Science of Friendship project will illuminate how we are engaging with each other online, and via mobile apps, when it comes to the relationship we call friendship.

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